Raffa Bocce

Raffa is one of the three forms of bocce, along with petanque and volo bocce.


What is raffa bocce?

Raffa bocce is named after the “raffa shot,” which is a special shot made to strike a certain object declared in advance (a target ball or jack).

Raffa is sometimes referred to more casually as Roundup.


How to play raffa bocce

Raffa bocce can be played individually, or in groups of two or three. Players aim to roll or throw their ball as close as possible to the target object.

When declaring the object, players can choose a ball or jack belonging to either their team or the opposing team. This object may be struck on the fly or with the help of the ground.

A throw is valid when aimed at the chosen ball or jack.

Any objects positioned within 15cm of the target ball are also valid.

Depending on competition scheduling, raffa bocce matches end when the first team has scored 12 points or 15 points.


About raffa bocce

Raffa bocce is governed by the Confederazione Boccistica Internazionale (CBI).

Interested in learning more about raffa bocce? Reach out to your state’s bocce federation.