About Bocce Australia

Our story

We are the representative body for bocce in Australia. That is we run the largest bocce related events including annual competitions in the country. Our vision is to make bocce a big and popular sport throughout all of Australia. As it stands, bocce is underrepresented in Australia. That is compared to other sports; it’s not as well-known and so doesn’t attract the huge following that other sports do.

We want to change this with our work and hope that you come on board to support us by getting involved in a game or two of bocce and spreading the word.

Providing you with accurate and up to date information on the sport both here and overseas is our job. You can count on us everytime for this!

Truly we are your one stop shop for anything bocce in Australia! We even operate on online store where you can purchase bocce merchandise.

Man playing bocce

Bocce Australia’s vision

Our aim which is our vision can be best summed up as the following, to:

  • Introduce the game of bocce to thousands of people across Australia
  • Be the main representative body of the game in Australia
  • Always offer accurate and honest information and advice on the game
  • Play our part in making bocce accessible and enjoyable to people from all age groups and walks of life

Our main services consist of the following:

  • Promoting bocce events throughout Australia
  • Being the representative body of bocce for Australia
  • Hosting bocce events and competitions in Australia
  • Having an e-shop for you to purchase bocce related merchandise
Young ladies playing Bocce