Volo Bocce

Volo is one of the three forms of bocce, along with petanque and raffa bocce.


What is volo bocce?

Volo bocce derives its name from the Italian verb volare, which means ‘to fly.’ This refers to the technique used to play the game, wherein players will throw their ball in an attempt to knock away an opponent’s ball.

As the game originated in France during the 1850s, volo bocce is sometimes known as lyonnais boules.


How to play volo bocce

Volo bocce can be played in singles, doubles, triples, or quadruples.

The game is similar to petanque, in that the ball is thrown rather than bowled. In volo bocce, the ball is thrown overhand, palms down.

Players deliver the ball after a spectacular run-up, which is considered a vital part of play. The more theatrical the run, the better!

A throw is valid when aimed at a particular target ball or jack, which must be declared in advance of the throw.

Any objects positioned within 15cm of the target ball are also valid.

Depending on competition scheduling, volo bocce matches may end at 9, 11, 13 or 15 points.


About volo bocce

Volo bocce is governed by the Federation Internationale du Sport Boules (FIB), which is part of the World Pétanque and Bowls Federation (WPBF), recognised by the International Olympic Committee as the highest international authority of bocce.

Reach out to your state’s bocce federation to learn more about volo bocce.


The rules for volo bocce