Junior bocce is a great option for children and young adults who want to play a fun, social, non-contact sport that is a little bit different.

Who can play junior bocce?

Junior bocce is for players under the age of 30. Junior bocce in Australia is primarily played by primary and secondary school students, from grade 5 up to grade 8.

Players can participate in junior bocce events through their schools or through holiday programs. Junior players can also join bocce clubs, which run weekend programs.

Basic bocce skills

The basic skills that junior bocce players first learn are bowling and bocce throwing, also known as a lob.

Bocce throwing involves throwing (or lobbing) a bocce ball at a target. These skills help to improve children’s arm-eye coordination and refine their motor skills.

Man playing bocce

Competitive bocce

Junior bocce players who want to participate competitively can train to take part in national and international events. There are numerous international events for junior bocce players, which are split out by age – under 15, under 18, under 23, and under 30 competitions. The ultimate goal for serious junior bocce players is to make it to the world championships.

Junior bocce players traditionally play singles and doubles games, but there is a growing appetite for running and throwing events among younger players, which Bocce Australia is looking to promote moving forward.