Support needed for Team Australia

Support needed for Team Australia

Support needed for Team Australia

We are delighted with the progress being made by the junior and senior ‘Bocce-roo teams’ as they prepare for the World Titles later this year.

A lot of work is involved, not only for the players but also for the support team, as we organise the training of the players located across six cities, three states, and four training hubs.

With the largest Team Australia contingent ever, of more than 30 people (including players, coaches, family and friends), the logistics are complex and needs to be correct so that players arrive at the four different host venues in time and without any incident.

The four events are:

1) The Denis Ravera International Challenge, in Monaco

2) The World Junior Titles, in France

3)  The Senior Men Bocce Volo World Titles

4) The Men and Women World Bocce Raffa Titles, both in Turkey.

We have started posting player profiles on our Facebook page, so look out for these and read all about the players as they prepare for the World Titles.

Bocce Australia has also started fundraising to help support these young athletes.

You can support Team Australia by buying ‘Bocce Play for Purpure’ raffle tickets, contributing to the Junior Bocce Development fund, or by donating to the Bocce GoFundMe page here.

All donations are welcome, big or small, as everything will go towards supporting the team.