Bocce Australia announces positive changes following Nationals 2023 review

Bocce Australia announces positive changes following Nationals 2023 review

Bocce Australia announces positive changes following Nationals 2023 review

After the successful conclusion of this year’s Nationals, Bocce Australia is pleased to announce several significant developments resulting from our annual post-Nationals review.

Our comprehensive assessment encompassed various facets of the championship, including the event format, facilities, hospitality, transport, and overall organization.

In addition to conducting a survey, we actively engaged with State Federations to gather valuable feedback, all aimed at enhancing the overall experience for our participants.

Here are the key highlights of the post-Nationals review:

Format and organisation

Our review process has enabled us to refine the format of the Nationals, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for all participants.

In response to feedback and in collaboration with State Federations, we are proud to introduce three distinct streams for the next Nationals:

  • National1: Senior Elite Men and Women, eligible to State and regional teams only
  • National2: Club Championship, open to all affiliated clubs
  • National3: Special Olympics Bocce.

This innovative approach allows players to choose between a highly competitive environment in National1 or enjoy a more relaxed format while participating in the National2 Club Championship stream. The introduction of the Club Championship will add an exciting element to the Nationals. This stream will start on the Thursday, as the first event, the Fours, which will complete on the Friday allowing the winning club players eligible to enter the National1 Stream as wild card entries. This will be possible as the National1 stream will start Friday evening.


Our commitment to enhancing the championship experience extends to the quality of facilities. This includes not only ensuring that the bocce courts meet high standards but also that venues and amenities are comfortable and user-friendly.


We acknowledge the importance of offering exceptional hospitality to our participants. While our primary focus remains on the sport itself, we recognise that players should have options. Whenever feasible, Bocce Australia will host events at venues offering multiple dining choices for athletes and supporters.

In cases where such facilities are not available, we will work closely with host states and clubs to provide a flexible, welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for all attendees.


Transportation arrangements will be reviewed and improved to facilitate seamless travel to and from the Nationals, with particular attention to ensuring convenient transportation between venues.

Special Olympics Bocce

We are thrilled to report that the addition of Special Olympics Bocce to this year’s Nationals was an overwhelming success. The interest shown by many to compete in next year’s Nationals, to be hosted in Perth, demonstrates the positive impact of this initiative. Bocce Australia is dedicated to promoting inclusive sports and expanding opportunities for Special Olympics athletes.

Bocce Australia is grateful for the feedback received from our participants and State Federations. Your insights are invaluable in our continuous growth and adaptation, ensuring that the Nationals remain a premier bocce sporting event. We eagerly anticipate the positive changes on the horizon and are committed to making the 2024 Bocce Nationals in Perth an even greater success.

Please stay tuned for further updates on the 2024 Bocce Nationals in Perth.


Written by Frank Funari.