Chiara Tomasi: A shining star in the world of bocce

Chiara Tomasi: A shining star in the world of bocce

Chiara Tomasi: A shining star in the world of bocce

In the dynamic and competitive world of bocce, young talents are emerging, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts, and reshaping the future of the sport in Australia.

Bocce Australia, recognising the importance of nurturing and celebrating these young talents, has initiated a monthly feature highlighting the journey of our junior players.

This month, we turn the spotlight on an extraordinary young athlete who is making waves both nationally and internationally: Chiara Tomasi.

We asked Chiara some questions about herself and how she continuously shows Australia and the world, the game of bocce.

Chiara Tomasi: A shining star in the world of bocce

1. Chiara, how do you feel about your selection to the Asia Oceania Regional Bocce Championships at such a young age?

I feel very honoured to be selected for the Asia Oceania Tournament. I’m thrilled to play against these great experienced players. I’m also very proud to play with in the Australian team as I love learning new strategies and skills from the experienced men and women who always strive to help me be a better player.

2. How long have you been participating in bocce, and what major events have you participated in?

I have played bocce for 3 years and have participated in many events such as the Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals and I have represented Australia twice in the Monaco Denis Ravera challenge.

3. How well did you think you performed at the events, and was there anyone helping you through, like a coach or parent?

I think I did well in these events as I won Best and Fairest, 2nd in the women’s Bowl Throw, and 2nd in Singles at the Senior Nationals. This was a big achievement to me as I versed players that were more experienced than me and that were older than me. Me and my partner Nina also improved last year in Monaco as we placed 4th in the rapid which was a big improvement from 2022.

Throughout all these events I have played I’ve always had my biggest supporters there watching me. Them being my mum and dad. I also have the best family and friends that support me even if they aren’t watching me in person, they are cheering me on from a far on live streams, bocce posts and by just supporting me in general.

I also have the great support from coaches, players, and the other juniors which I love and appreciate a-lot.

4. Are you going to put up a great challenge to the French International Coaching Tour Players, in the Australia vs France showcase events, in Queensland?

I will be giving it my all against the French. Win or lose, it will be an honour to play against them.

In order to set myself up for competitions I have increased the amount of days I’ve been training and longer hours. I also watch other games that are being played overseas and in other states. This way I learn new strategies and techniques.

5. With all these events including Australia Junior National coming up, what is your method to prepare for great competitions?

I sometimes record myself throwing and bowling in a game with my dad so I can watch myself and correct what I’ve done wrong later. I focus on never giving up and have a good mindset when going into games and leading up to competitions.

Whether I win or lose, I always leave the court learning something new from coaches, players, referees and more which is great for me to improve.

Chiara Tomasi: A shining star in the world of bocce

Bocce Australia congratulates Chiara on her impeccable bocce career so far and cannot wait to see what she will be up to in the new year and years to come!

Stay tuned for next month’s feature, as we continue to showcase the talented juniors who are shaping the future of bocce in Australia.


Thanks to Chiara Tomasi, junior bocce player, Bocce Australia.

Interview and write-up by Samuel Pavere, social media coordinator, Bocce Australia.