Australian Masters Games in Perth rescheduled to April 2022

Australian Masters Games in Perth rescheduled to April 2022

Australian Masters Games in Perth rescheduled to April 2022

The Australian Masters Games in Perth has been rescheduled to April 2022 due to COVID-19 restrictions. The games were originally scheduled to run in October 2021.

Bocce will be a part of the Games from April 23 – 30, 2022 and will include four events catering to both experienced and novice players.

Events and locations

The four bocce events include:

  • Bocce Volo doubles: Tuesday, April 26 – Wednesday, April 27 at Laguna Veneto Club
  • Bocce Raffa doubles: Wednesday, April 27 – Thursday, April 28 at Laguna Veneto Club
  • Oz Bocce doubles: Friday, April 29 at Laguna Veneto Club
  • Beach Bocce singles: Saturday, April 30 at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre.

The three doubles events will be hosted by the Laguna Veneto and Social Bocce Club in Dianella, Perth, which is a great community club with fantastic bocce facilities.

Beach Bocce will be held at the Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre, which will provide a great atmosphere, allowing spectators to sit and watch in a stadium like set-up. The sun and waves in the background will add a nice and relaxed atmosphere.

All of the events are mixed male and female events. You need to be at least 30 years of age to participate. If you don’t have a partner for any of the doubles events, don’t stress – you can still register and you will be randomly allocated a partner.

If you are a current Bocce Australia member, you will receive a discount on the sport specific fee. Non-members can still register.

How to register

Registration for the games will reopen in November. Please visit the bocce page on the Australian Masters Games website for more information.

Questions about registration can be directed to Andrea Ramondino via email: [email protected] or by phone: 0408 569 018.

About the Australian Masters Games

Australian Masters Games events are great fun, and not quite as serious as a National Championship.

It is still run with the same level of professionalism and competitors give it their all on court, bringing a nice mix of competitive spirit to the court.

In the last two years we have seen a mix of both experienced and novice players taking the podiums, with the Bocce Volo and Bocce Raffa winners having at least state level competition experience.

Oz Bocce has seen both novice winners (a Tassie doubles combination in 2017) and also some that know a thing or two about bocce, with the Bocce Australia president partnering with George Apat for the bronze medal in 2019.

For the novices wanting to have a go, visit the Australian Masters Games website for event rules. You can seek tips and advice from the tournament organiser or your local bocce club.

Visit Perth

Perth is a great place to visit, with plenty of nice beaches, wineries, islands and coastal towns to have a look at before or after the games.

For more information about visiting Perth, click here.

Volunteering at the games

If you don’t want to play but you want to be involved, you can register to be a bocce volunteer at the games. Remember to select ‘bocce’ as the sport you wish to volunteer for.