FIB announces reorganisation, Development Project 2023 Goal

FIB announces reorganisation, Development Project 2023 Goal

FIB announces reorganisation, Development Project 2023 Goal

The Federation International de Boules (FIB) has recently completed its reorganisation and has commenced implementation of its Development Project 2023 Goal.

The first objective of the project is to support National Federations in their development and professionalism.

In doing so, the FIB aims to prioritise national federations by providing structural support for coaching and refereeing in the coming months.

For more details, please refer to this Development Project 2023 Goal document on the FIB website.

FIB code of ethics and disciplinary committees

The creation of the code of ethics, an ethics committee, and a new disciplinary commission were adopted by the FIB Congress held in Mersin, Turkey in 2019.

These positions were validated at the World Congress, held in Martigues, France in September.

In both cases, the new provisions required that each continent must present a member whose mission will be to sit on the ethics committee and on the disciplinary committee.

As a result, the list of members designated by each continental structure is as follows:

For the Ethics Committee:

For the Disciplinary Committee:

These two bodies will henceforth be called upon to intervene or sit in case of necessity.

Recent World Championship news

Two world championships were successfully held in France and Italy recently.

The Youth World Championships held in Martigues, France hosted 15 nations with medals going to the top nations: France (76), Slovenia (74), Italy (72), and Croatia (68).

The Women’s and Senior World Championships held in Alassio, Italy hosted 28 nations with medals going to Italy (54), France (48), Croatia (46), and Slovenia (34).

A highlight at the Alassio Championships was the visit by the World Patron of Bocce, Prince Albert of Monaco. The prince has been known to make impromptu visits at World Bocce Championships in the past.

The prince performed medal presentations and was warmly received by the spectators in attendance. A special memento was presented to the prince from Frederic Ruis, president of the FIB.

Overall, both nations must be congratulated for hosting events of these magnitudes during COVID-19 restrictions.

We are hopeful more Asia-Oceania nations will be in a position to compete at the next world events.