Tony Biancacci reports on FIB World Congress outcomes

Tony Biancacci reports on FIB World Congress outcomes

Tony Biancacci reports on FIB World Congress outcomes
Image credit: Federation Internationale De Boules Facebook page

Earlier this month, Tony Biancacci, the president of Asia Oceania Sport Boules Confederation and the vice president of Federation Internationale de Boules (FIB), attended a meeting for the World Congress.

While the congress was held in Martigues, France on September 16, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Mr Biancacci dialled in via video conference.

The congress brought together FIB representatives from all continents across the world, including Europe, South America and Australia.

President of FIB Mr Frederic Ruis retains his position and with his new board, he pledged a number of changes including establishing a ‘fairer’ FIB internationally, implementing a new membership fee structure, and establishing a new technical committee to oversee all bocce disciplines.

Mr Ruis also outlined other aspects such as assisting new and smaller bocce nations with training, development and equipment as well as carrying out case studies within FIB member nations.

He also mentioned that the world championships would rotate throughout each continent each participating year, in an effort to take the sport of bocce across the globe.

Importantly, three new member nations were admitted into the FIB, which include Pakistan, Iran and Malaysia, and the FIB is looking to form a strategic bond with the World Petanque Federation to strive for bowl sports to be included in the Olympics.

The Asia Oceania Sport Boules Confederation now has three representatives within the organisational structure. Namely, Bocce Australia’s Sonia Fava, who was allocated the role in women’s development for the FIB.

Hirofumi Kobayashi from Japan represents the member of the continents together with Mr Biancacci as one of the vice presidents of the FIB Board.

A new organisational chart for FIB was confirmed, which is pictured below for your reference:

Organisation chart FIB

Finally, Bocce Australia would like to congratulate India and Mr Bharat Chauhan for their first participation at the World Championships. The team will take back to India a wealth of experience and knowledge for the future.

Unfortunately, due to global COVID-19 travel restrictions only 12 nations were able to compete at the World Championships. But we sincerely hope there is an end to this pandemic soon so all nations can participate at future events.

Many sports have been seriously affected by the pandemic, including bocce and the FIB must be congratulated for their perseverance in holding these World Championships in France.