‘Top 10 questions’ with Italico Vigolo

‘Top 10 questions’ with Italico Vigolo

‘Top 10 questions’ with Italico Vigolo

1. How and why did you start playing bocce?

My friend Frank asked me to join the Laguna Club in 1978, as he was already a member there. He thought I would enjoy bocce, as I am Venetian, and the members are all from the Trevisani region. I remember my father and grandfather playing bocce birilli when I was a child in Spinea, Venezia.

2. Which bocce event (singles/doubles/triples/throwing etc) is your favourite to play, and why?

My favourite bocce event is doubles because you are with a partner, and I enjoy the teamwork.

3. How many medals have you won at the Nationals?

At the National Championship, I have personally won two medals.

4. Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a champion bocce player?

Competitiveness, dedication to training, and love of the sport. I believe these qualities make you a champion bocce player.

5. Why are you so passionate about playing bocce?

I love bocce because I love the social aspect and the exercise. I enjoy meeting players from other states around Australia. I enjoy the competition, especially the travel to other states when participating in the National Championships.

6. What are your major highlights and achievements in bocce in the past?

Initially, becoming a bocce coach. Then coaching the juniors at the World Championships for bocce, in places like Morocco, Slovenia and Italy. From there, I was asked by the Australia Paralympic Committee (APC) to become the coach for the Australian bocce team, where I coached at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics.

I also coached the National Boccia team at many World Championships including Portugal, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand and Hong Kong. I have also been a referee all over Australia for National Bocce Competitions.

7. What do you believe is the greatest challenge most bocce players are facing today?

People now want a quick and fast-paced game, with lots of action because we live in a fast-paced world. Bocce has lost some popularity because of that. We also struggle to get funding and sponsorships.

8. Is there a coach or bocce player that you looked up to when you first started playing as a role model, and why?

Ezio Spero was a fellow bocce player that I looked up to. He was an excellent player, and he was always fair.

9. How do you prepare to compete in the Nationals?

When preparing for Nationals, I would train for two hours a day.

10. What one word describes you?