Veneto Club to host free Sports Day

Veneto Club to host free Sports Day

Veneto Club to host free Sports Day

It’s time for bocce clubs to encourage members and local communities to return to club sports.

Many of the bocce affiliated clubs are looking at new ways to attract the return of the community to the club.

Some clubs already have successful programs in place, such as the Redlands Sporting Club in Brisbane which runs a ‘Bocce and Bubbles’ weekly event. Other clubs have ‘Pizza, Wine and Bocce’ or ‘Bocce and Beer’ nights, while the Veneto Club in Melbourne is soon to launch a Sports Day.

The Veneto Club will host its first annual free Sports Day to the local community and surrounding suburbs.

The free Sports Day will be hosted on Sunday, January 30, 2022, across all the facilities at the Veneto Club, with a wide range of sports for all to participate in.

All children and parents will have the opportunity to try a wide variety of different sports throughout the day. This includes basketball, soccer, football, bocce, tennis, squash, boxing and gym/fitness.

The bocce segment will be run by Bocce Victoria and will include ComNTry for novice players, with some fun team games for children and families.

Bocce Australia will also be onsite and invites all to try out for the more athletic style bocce events including running, throwing and mixed team events. Specialised bocce coaches will be on the lookout for potential players to be recruited to one of the newly formed Bocce Australia National league teams that will compete in 2022 to win the Australian Teams title, and be eligible to represent Australia at the next Bocce World Cup in 2023.

Throughout the day, the Veneto Club will have a variety of food and drink available for purchase along with other activities during the day for all to participate and enjoy.

If you would like more information on the Veneto Club Sports Day, please contact the Veneto Club by calling (03) 9850 7111 or emails [email protected]

Alternatively, to find out about bocce opportunities in your state, contact your state bocce representative, whose contact details are available here.