Bocce around the states: August 2023 update

Bocce around the states: August 2023 update

Bocce around the states: August 2023 update

VIC update: National Junior Bocce Training Workshop in Melbourne: Unveiling youth talents and uniting communities

Melbourne’s bocce scene recently lit up with youthful energy and vibrant camaraderie during the National Junior Bocce Training Workshop that unfolded over the weekend of August 12 – 13.

Young bocce enthusiasts from all corners of the country converged to showcase their skills, build friendships, and gear up for upcoming competitions, all while radiating enthusiasm and mutual support.

Guiding these budding talents were the dynamic coaching trio of Stefano Chiandotto, Angelo Parisi, Dino Mikolich, and the indomitable Linda Chiandotto. With their wealth of experience and infectious passion for bocce, these coaches not only fine-tuned the juniors’ skills but also ignited a spark that promises a vibrant future for the sport.

The heartwarming aspect of this bocce training workshop was the sense of camaraderie that thrived among the junior players. No matter their backgrounds or stories, these young bocce aficionados cheered each other on with gusto. Whether it was rolling the perfect shot or sharing a celebratory high-five, the spirit of unity radiated on and off the bocce court, highlighting the beautiful connections that bocce fosters.

The hard work during training sessions bore fruit as the juniors demonstrated remarkable improvement in their bocce prowess. Their dedication and the expert guidance from their coaches translated into tangible progress, infusing excitement and anticipation for their forthcoming escapades in the bocce competition in Monaco. As they gear up to represent their country, these juniors are brimming with potential, showcasing the lively bocce scene that Melbourne offers on a global platform.

Alongside the National Junior Bocce Training Workshop, Melbourne recently revelled in two electrifying competitions that showcased players of all ages. The Turco Cup, hosted at the vibrant Furlan Club on August 6, was a rollicking success. This event, beyond being a stage for skill display, was a testament to the joy of participation and fair play.

A hearty round of applause goes to all the players who took part, and a special shoutout to the triumphant winners who exemplified spirited sportsmanship and unyielding determination.

Women’s Singles

  • 4th place – P. Marino (CDA)
  • 3rd place – C. Prodan (FA)
  • 2nd place – E. Porta (VEN)
  • Winner: M. Corelli (FF)

Men’s Doubles

  • 4th place – A. Pozzer and D. Di Federico (VEN)
  • 3rd place – J. Coviello and M. Cianci (LM)
  • 2nd place – D. Mikolich and L. Mikolich (LM)
  • Winners: A. Parisi and T. Palermo (SUN)

The echoes of bocce fun continued with the Maria Cifaldi Memorial Cup, held at the charming Casa D’Abruzzo on August 13. This event reverberated with the unity that bocce can create as players from diverse clubs united to play in harmony. The event was more than just a competition – it was a celebration of passion for the game and a tribute to the Cifaldi family through their stunning trophies. Deep appreciation goes to all the players for crafting this event into a resounding success.

  • 4th place – G. Montuoro (LM), M. Pozzer (VC), A. Allegretto (FF)
  • 3rd place – R. Marino (CDA), S. Mezio (VC), C. Clemente (FA)
  • 2nd place – B. Monterosso (CDA), P. Marino (CDA), T. Coviello (LM)
  • 1st place –  V. Salerno (LM), A. Mainelli (CDA), O. Canzoniere (CDA)

As Melbourne’s bocce season unfurls its delightful chapters, the National Junior Bocce Training Workshop underlined the magic of bocce and the potential of the rising talents. The junior players’ unwavering support for each other and their tremendous growth hint at an exciting future for bocce.

As they gear up for their Monaco adventure, we send our heartfelt cheers and best wishes, confident that they will dazzle the world and make Australia beam with pride.


Article written by Laila Favrin.