Bocce around the states: December 2023 update

Bocce around the states: December 2023 update

Glow in the dark bocce night

Victoria update

Glow in the Dark Bocce Pride Night shines bright at The Furlan Club

Rain tapped on the windows, a persistent rhythm battling the evening outside. But within the Furlan Bocce Drome, a different kind of rhythm took over.

Saturday, December 9, 2023, marked a dazzling celebration of unity, diversity, disability, and pride at the Glow In the Dark Pride Night. Amidst the rain-soaked evening, the atmosphere inside shimmered with newfound friendships, vibrant energy, and an unwavering spirit of inclusion.

Curled up against the weather, the Furlan Bocce Drome transformed into a haven of sheer joy. The credit goes to Max Bishop Events whose DJ spun tracks that ignited the bocce courts, turning them into dancefloors pulsating with glow in the dark bocce. Laughter intertwined with the beats as strangers became comrades, the clinks of drinks resonating alongside the non-stop chatter.

It wasn’t just about the game; it was an orchestra of experiences. Teams like the Pink Ladies and Real Balls battled it out, showcasing not just their bocce skills but their fantastic sociability. Cheers erupted as prizes were awarded—the Pink Ladies stealing the limelight for Best Costume, while Bocce Big Balls earned the coveted title of Best Team Name.

What made this night extraordinary wasn’t just its uniqueness but the promise it carried. Bocce Victoria unveiled its inaugural Glow In the Dark event, a testament to their commitment to making this a recurring affair throughout the year. Soon, these luminous evenings will travel to various locations, a surprise waiting to unfold. Keep an eye glued to their social media platforms, promises of updates waiting to light up screens.

Beyond the glow and the games, the heart of the initiative beats for togetherness. It’s a call that transcends ability, gender, or age—a beckoning to unite under the banner of fun and unconventional bocce. The event encapsulates the joy of breaking norms and embracing a non-traditional game while revelling in each other’s company.

Such vibrant evenings don’t come to life alone; they thrive on the support and generosity of sponsors. A heartfelt thanks to Chemist Warehouse and Furlan Club for being the pillars behind this magical night. Their belief in the cause amplified the event’s impact, lighting up the spirits of everyone present.

And to the orchestrators of this grand celebration, kudos is owed. Max Bishop Events illuminated the night with their music, promising more electrifying evenings to come. The Furlan Club, along with the unwavering support of Thorn3071, opened their doors and hearts, ensuring the night was nothing short of spectacular. We want to take to opportunity to thank everyone that attended and made the night the spectacular that it was, with a special shout out to the players that travelled from Morwell and Traralgon to join in the fun.

As the rain continued its symphony outside, inside the Furlan Bocce Drome, a different story unfolded—a tale of unity, laughter, and inclusivity written with the vibrant strokes of glow in the dark bocce. The Glow In the Dark Pride Night was not just an event; it was a manifesto of joy, acceptance, and celebration—an invitation for everyone to join the glow and create magic together.

VC Slam

It’s a slam, a bocce slam – Veneto Club

Amidst the vibrant greens of the Veneto Club in Bulleen, Melbourne, the weekend of November 25th and 26th became a stage for the exhilarating Veneto Club Bocce Slam. Bocce Victoria proudly stood behind this third-year extravaganza, bringing together the essence of unity, skill, and pure sportsmanship. This wasn’t merely a competition; it was a celebration that transcended club loyalties and state borders, a jubilant gathering showcasing the unifying spirit of bocce.

While the courts echoed with the artful precision of players from Morwell, NEBA, Cooma, ACT, Redlands QLD, Marconi NSW, Liverpool NSW, and more, there was an added touch of sweetness off the courts. Saturday’s lunch presented a delightful surprise—gorgeous little bonbonniere for everyone, adorned with beautiful sugared almonds straight from Sicily. Not just that, a fabulous blue jack, a testament to the attention to detail, was sourced and brought back from Italy by Sonya Velo with thanks to Santo Pascuzzi. These intricacies added a touch of authenticity and warmth to an already captivating event.

What truly sets the Veneto Club Bocce Slam apart is the fusion of teams—a vibrant mix of players from various clubs and states coming together in a symphony of skill and teamwork. From “The Sams,” a dynamic pairing of Daniel Samsa from Marconi, NSW, and Sam Mezio from Veneto Club, VIC, to “Donne Rose Miste,” a beautiful alliance between Carmella Ianetta from Freccia Azzurra, VIC, and Maria Carpellotti from Veneto Club, the courts witnessed an array of creatively named teams. The men’s doubles showcased the amalgamation of talents from QLD, ACT, and VIC in the East Coast Mix teams, infusing the competition with a unique and thrilling dynamic.

Beyond the thrill of competition, the courts resonated with the spirit of sportsmanship and friendship. Teams bonded in camaraderie and mutual respect, showcasing the enchanting magic of bocce, creating indelible moments of unity and shared passion.

Acknowledgment is due to the unsung heroes—the volunteers and officials—who dedicated themselves to ensure the smooth flow of the event. Emilio Colla, the referee, and Angela Sirianni, the Event Assistant, played pivotal roles in steering the competition. Moreover, the meticulous planning of Sonya Velo, Rick Gatto, and the events management team was instrumental in orchestrating a seamless event. Rick Gatto’s expertise ensured the schedule flowed seamlessly amidst 80 intense games over the weekend, keeping the event on track and on time.

Generous sponsorship from DeBortoli Wines, Grollo, and CO.AS.IT propelled the event to remarkable heights, showcasing the community’s unwavering support for this beloved sport. Yet, beyond the competition, the weekend was a jubilant celebration—a testament to the enduring passion and love for bocce that binds communities together.

Heartfelt congratulations are due to every participant whose dedication and skill made this event a resounding success. Additionally, a special congratulations to the winners whose exceptional abilities shone throughout the competition, standing as beacons of triumph amidst the excitement.

The Veneto Club Bocce Slam isn’t just a competition; it’s an exuberant celebration of unity, skill, and the enduring spirit of bocce that captivates hearts and minds, transcending boundaries with every roll of the ball.

Refer a player to win

Calling past, present and future bocce players: Legends revival competition

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Get ready to roll! Bocce Victoria proudly presents the ultimate showdown of skill, camaraderie, and nostalgia with the ‘Ghosts of bocce past – legends revival competition’ on Saturday, February 3, 2024, at the Fogolar Furlan Club. This isn’t just any bocce event – it’s an open invitation to all past, present, and future bocce aficionados to join in the fun!

The most exciting part? It’s an ‘open’ competition! That’s right, folks – you don’t need to be a federated bocce member or even a social member to step onto the court and showcase your bocce prowess. All you need is a passion for the game and a desire to revel in a day filled with bocce brilliance. Gather your doubles team of women, men, or mix it up for an unforgettable experience.

This isn’t just about winning; it’s about reliving the magic of bocce, reminiscing with old friends, and forging new connections. It’s a day dedicated to the sport we all cherish and love.

But wait, there’s more excitement on the horizon!

Bocce Victoria is unleashing an electrifying referral competition.

Spread the word and rally the troops – refer the most registered past players and stand a chance to win big! The grand prize? A 52 Litre Esky bursting with the finest selection of beer, valued at approximately $500. It’s your time to shine as a bocce influencer and secure your spot in the winner’s circle.

Ghosts of bocce past

And that’s not all! Brace yourselves for an exhilarating raffle extravaganza. Raffle books will soon be making their way to each club, so seize the opportunity to snag your entries early. It’s your shot at claiming fantastic prizes while supporting the vibrant bocce community.

Picture this: a vibrant atmosphere, the clinking of bocce balls, cheers of encouragement, and the thrill of friendly competition. It’s a day where memories are made, bonds are strengthened, and the love for bocce reignites.
So mark your calendars, spread the word far and wide, and get ready to be a part of bocce history in the making. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your bocce journey, this event welcomes everyone with open arms.

The Ghosts of Bocce Past – Legends Revival isn’t just about the game; it’s about celebrating the spirit of bocce and creating moments that will be talked about for years to come. Join us for a day that promises laughter, excitement, and a whole lot of bocce brilliance!

To register, call Vanessa Allegretto on 0419 199 310, or Enrico Gatto on 0400 379 292. Or register through your respective club rep.

Cost: $30 per player; $25 per non-player (lunch only).

Registration close: January 14, 2024

Come one, come all, and let’s make February 3, 2024, a day to remember in the annals of bocce history!

Kyabram Bocce

Kyabram’s bocce bonanza: A thrilling spring finals spectacle

The Raffa Bocce Club in Kyabram set the scene for an electrifying Spring Finals extravaganza on November 29, 2023! The air was charged with excitement as spirited spectators and teams dived into the heart-pounding semi-finals and finals.

Picture this: a round of bocce that had everyone on their toes, cheering and soaking up every thrilling moment. And who better to guide this incredible event than the amazing world title holder, Mary Greco, and her hubby, Joe Grecco? They umpired all three matches, infusing the games with expert advice, playful vibes, and heaps of encouragement!

But here’s the best part—this isn’t your average, strict-rules-only game. Nope! At the Raffa Bocce Club, it’s all about having a blast while getting the hang of the game. “We’re in the finals after just six games! Can you believe it?” exclaimed one of the players, Sheryl Hatch.

Bocce might seem simple, but let me tell you, it’s a game that mixes skill and fun like nobody’s business. The goal? Rolling or tossing your ball as close as humanly possible to that little pallino (jack). And get this—players can choose whichever ball or jack they want to aim for, adding a twist of strategy to the game!

Now, hold onto your hats because there’s more excitement brewing! Tatura’s got plans to launch a bocce center just like Kyabram’s, and trust me, the local future of this sport is shining brighter than a supernova! Thanks to the awesome support from Bendigo Bank, the Kyabram Courts got a major upgrade, making the center super inviting. And guess what? We’re aiming high—we want to send a team to Nationals! And you know who’s absolutely loving it? The kids! They’re having an absolute blast out there!

Oh, and did I mention the action-packed semi-finals? Lawn Bowlers rocked it, defeating Workwear Connect 19-10, while the Bocce Team took down the Teckie Tycoons with a stellar 17-8 victory. The grand final? Pure adrenaline! Bocce Team triumphed over the Lawn Bowlers with a dazzling 15-9 score. And the celebrations didn’t stop there! Bendigo Bank Bowlers snagged the encouragement award, thanks to the generosity of Angelo’s Pizza and Pasta in Stanhope. And guess who got lucky with a free drink voucher? The Teckie Tycoons, that’s who!

This spectacular championship got its wings thanks to the amazing sponsorship from the Kyabram branch of the GMCU. And here’s a call out to all you business moguls—get ready for the next Business Challenge Championship happening on April 10, 2024!

Wanna get in on the action? Register your team by giving Joe Greco a shout at 0419 157 605.

We’re always welcoming new teams and players into this amazing bocce family—join in on the fun!


Victoria update compiled by Laila Favrin.