Australia ranks 12th in Women’s World Bocce

Australia ranks 12th in Women’s World Bocce

Australia ranks 12th in Women's World Bocce

In a captivating display of resilience, the Australian Women’s Bocce Team exhibited their prowess at the Women’s World and Mixed Bocce Championships held in Rumilly, France, from November 7-11.

Despite narrowly missing the quarterfinals in the Doubles, Singles, and the Bowl Throw events, the team’s standout performer, Nicole, secured a spot in the quarter-finals with her breakthrough performance in the running Progressive Throw event, significantly elevating Australia’s world ranking.

The Women’s World and Mixed Bocce Championships in Rumilly garnered acclaim as one of the best in recent years, characterised by intense competition and the spirit of camaraderie among players. The event not only showcased the skills of the participants but also fostered a friendly atmosphere that resonated with the global bocce community.

Despite the heartbreak of missing the quarter-finals in the Singles, Bowl Throw and the Doubles by just one point, the Australian team’s spirits were lifted by Nicole’s outstanding performance in the Progressive Throw. Her achievement not only demonstrated individual excellence but also contributed significantly to Australia’s rise in the world rankings.

Nicole’s success in the running Progressive Throw event comes at a crucial time for the team, helping to boost Australia’s standing after slipping out of the top 8 due to the challenges posed by COVID and the team’s absence from the 2021 World Women’s Championship. It is worthy of celebration by players, coaches, and supporters alike, marking a significant milestone for women’s bocce in Australia.

Australia’s women’s bocce team has achieved a significant milestone in the global arena, showcasing their prowess and dedication to the sport. The ascent in the Women’s World Bocce rankings stands as a testament to the hard work and commitment of the players who have tirelessly honed their skills, elevating Australia’s status on the international stage.

Apart from Nicole’s effort in the progressive throw, also a standout performance at the recent World Bocce Championship was that of Antonia Ruscio, making her debut appearance on this prestigious platform. Despite it being her first time competing at the World Bocce Championship, Antonia demonstrated brilliance and resilience throughout the tournament. A fierce competitor, she refused to be overawed by the occasion, showcasing her competitive spirit and determination on the bocce court.

Antonia Ruscio’s performance serves as an inspiration to aspiring bocce players across the country, highlighting the potential for success through hard work and dedication. Her ability to remain competitive at the highest level speaks volumes about her talent and as an inspiration to many other women wishing to play bocce

The team, led by Nicole Samsa and Antonia Ruscio, under the guidance of Coach Franco Fava and BA and FIB Delegate Sonia Fava, expresses their satisfaction with the achieved results. The team’s success reflects not only their individual talents but also the collaborative spirit and support within the Australian bocce community.

The Australian Women’s Bocce Team’s climb to the 12th rank in the global standings was no easy feat, marked by fierce competition and strategic gameplay that showcased the team’s resilience and sportsmanship. The journey begins at home, where local competitions, club matches, and events at state and national levels serve as crucial developmental stages for the players.

The pathway to the 12th rank was paved with challenges and triumphs, and the Australian team’s commitment to excellence was evident in every stage of the competition. Local, club, state, and national competitions play a pivotal role in honing the skills of the players, providing a solid foundation for success on the international stage.

As this news reverberates through the bocce community and beyond, we hope to see an increased enthusiasm of many women wishing to take on the sport of bocce, especially younger women interested in the running throwing events.

Bocce Australia extends its gratitude to the players, coaches, and supporters who have contributed to this success.
This accomplishment underscores the potential for further growth and recognition of bocce as we continue to grow & thrive as a sport in Australia!

Written by Frank Funari.