Bocce around the states: May 2024 update

Bocce around the states: May 2024 update

Victoria update

Glow Bocce Night: A shining success for Special Olympics Melbourne Eastern Ranges

The Knox Italian Club recently hosted a vibrant and successful fundraiser, Glow Bocce Night, organised by Special Olympics Melbourne Eastern Ranges. This all-inclusive event brought together nearly 60 athletes, parents, family members, and friends for an evening of fun, camaraderie, and competition under glowing lights.

Participants were welcomed into a transformed bocce court, illuminated with neon lights and vibrant colours that added a unique and festive twist to the classic game. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as athletes of all abilities demonstrated their skills, encouraged by the cheers of an enthusiastic crowd. The event exemplified the spirit of inclusivity and community that defines Special Olympics, offering everyone a chance to participate and enjoy the game.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the raffle, which featured a fantastic array of sponsored prizes. Generous donations from local businesses and supporters ensured that there was something special for everyone. The raffle not only added an extra layer of excitement to the event but also played a crucial role in raising funds to support the ongoing activities and programs of Special Olympics Melbourne Eastern Ranges.

In addition to the fun and games, Glow Bocce Night provided an excellent opportunity for athletes and their families to connect with one another, share experiences, and build lasting friendships. It was heart-warming to see the joy and camaraderie that filled the Knox Italian Club as people from all walks of life came together to support a common cause.

The success of Glow Bocce Night is a testament to the dedication of the organisers, volunteers, and the community. Their collective efforts ensured that the event was not only enjoyable but also impactful, raising awareness and funds to further the mission of Special Olympics. As the glow from the neon lights faded, the memories of this magical night will continue to inspire and remind everyone of the power of inclusion and community support.

Kyabram Bocce Club's Success with Raffa Bocce

Kyabram Bocce Club’s Success with Raffa Bocce

The Kyabram Bocce Club has found a remarkable success story in the introduction of Raffa Bocce, a transition spearheaded by club committee head Maria Greco. This move comes in response to the unfortunate decline of Volo Bocce, driven by the age and health challenges faced by many of its members. By converting the courts to accommodate Raffa Bocce, the club has revitalised its activities and broadened its appeal.

Raffa Bocce retains the essential skills of traditional Volo Bocce, requiring players to point accurately and giving them the choice to displace a bowl using either Volo or Raffa techniques. However, its accessibility to players of all ages and genders makes it particularly suitable for inclusive participation. Additionally, Raffa Bocce has proven to be more engaging as a spectator sport, drawing greater interest from the community.

Last year, the club took a proactive approach to promote the new game by engaging local businesses through the Business Challenge Competition. Each team, consisting of four players, paid $40 to participate in the championship, which spanned six weeks plus a finals day. The inaugural event saw participation from eight teams. This year, the enthusiasm has grown, with ten teams (totaling 40 players) joining the competition.

The club also organises a social pairs night every Wednesday when there isn’t an ongoing competition, with 50 per cent of the income allocated as prize money. This initiative not only fosters community spirit but also aims to recruit new members who could potentially compete in Bocce Federation of Victoria (BFV) and national events.

The club’s efforts have already borne fruit, as evidenced by four new players from the Business Challenge joining the National Raffa Championship in Morwell, representing the North East Bocce Association (NEBA). Their participation added a competitive edge to the event, showcasing the potential of Raffa Bocce to enhance player engagement and club vitality.

Other clubs should consider following Kyabram Bocce Club’s example by incorporating Raffa Bocce to boost player patronage and ensure the future prosperity of their organisations.

Weekly Raffa Report

This week, Kyabram Bocce Club’s Raffa Bocce Business Challenge championship saw the completion of the fourth round. The Kyabram Bowlers, consisting of Graham and Monica King alongside Graeme and Rhonda Woodcock, maintained their dominance by defeating the Ian Collie Pharmacy team, ‘The Coolcats’, 18-11.

The Kyabram Bocce Team moved into second place with an 18-5 victory over Workwear Connect Team 2. Bendigo Bowlers held third position with a 27-7 win against the same team. Teckie’s Tycoons dropped to fourth after a 16-9 loss to the Fringe Factory girls. The Betta Team remains winless, despite a spirited performance, falling to the Redbacks team 8-16.

Next week’s match-ups are highly anticipated: Fringe Factory vs. The Bocce Team, Ky Bowlers vs. Teckie Tycoons, Betta Team vs. Workwear Connect T-1, Bendigo Bowls vs. Redbacks, and Coolcats vs. Workwear Connect Team 2. Spectators are encouraged to come and support their teams.

Veneto Club hosts Bocce Team Challenge finals, paving the way for statewide rollout of fabulous novice program

The night of Friday, May 3 marked a momentous occasion at the Veneto Club Bulleen as the finals for season four of the Bocce Team Challenge took centre stage. Amid the thrill of competition, camaraderie, and complimentary pizza, the Veneto Club stood as a beacon of support, playing a pivotal role in assisting Bocce Australia to host the pilot program and fine-tune this innovative endeavour.

Throughout the journey of the pilot program, numerous teams have demonstrated unwavering commitment and enthusiasm, participating in all four seasons with passion and dedication. Among these stalwart competitors are the Hofsters, whose triumph in the grand finale was a culmination of their steadfast perseverance and skill. The Colosseo team, with their vibrant team uniforms and infectious dance moves, brought an undeniable spirit of joy and camaraderie to each match. The tireless efforts of all participating teams have contributed to the success and evolution of the Bocce Team Challenge, laying the groundwork for its statewide rollout.

Behind the scenes, the support of volunteers has been invaluable, ensuring the seamless execution of each season and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all participants. Their selfless dedication and hard work have been instrumental in making the Bocce Team Challenge a resounding success.

A special acknowledgment is also extended to Angelo Parisi, the Bocce Victoria Junior Development Coach, whose guidance and expertise have played a crucial role in shaping the program and nurturing the talents of emerging players. His commitment to the growth and development of bocce within the community has been instrumental in making the Bocce Team Challenge a reality.
As we reflect on the journey thus far, we extend our deepest gratitude to all who have contributed to the success of the Bocce Team Challenge. With the support of dedicated partners like the Veneto Club, the future of bocce in Victoria shines brightly, promising continued growth, inclusivity, and excitement for all who participate.

South Australia update

Happy Mother’s Day!

On May 10, the South Australian Bocce Federation Inc. hosted a morning tea for Mother’s Day at the Sicilia Social and Sports Club. A few games of bocce were played before enjoying morning tea in the sunshine. There was much enthusiasm and exhilaration on the bocce courts.

At morning tea, the bocce players were joined by the committee of the Sicilia Club who were busy preparing for the Mother’s Day dance.

Thank you to all who provided the magnificent morning tea for everyone to enjoy. All very delicious! A special thank you to Nicola Marino for the homemade Italian goodies, and Anna and Achille Piccirillo for the homemade pizza.