Nina Chiandotto: Following the family fortune

Nina Chiandotto: Following the family fortune

Nina Chiandotto: Following the family fortune

In the dynamic and competitive world of bocce, young talents are emerging, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts, and reshaping the future of the sport in Australia.

Bocce Australia, recognising the importance of nurturing and celebrating these young talents, has initiated a monthly feature highlighting the journey of our junior players.

This month, we turn the spotlight on an extraordinary young athlete who is making waves both nationally and internationally: Nina Chiandotto.

We asked Nina some questions about herself and how she continuously shows Australia and the world, the game of bocce.

1. Nina, how do you feel about your experience with the French coaching and playing team?

It was extremely helpful and educational. I enjoyed my time with them, and I am grateful to have been part of the experience. I found the coaches and players motivating and understanding.

2. After a busy week with the French team, and then the AOSBC, how was it playing at a Friendship Trophy event versing Japan?

I was thankful for being asked to help and I am grateful that the team was happy to have me play. I always love to play with my partner Chiara Tomasi, so I was overjoyed when I got to play with her.

3. How long have you been participating in bocce, and what major events have you participated in?

I have been playing bocce since 2019, and I have played in state competitions and national competitions. I have also played club competitions and in international.

4. How well do you think you performed at the events, and was there anyone helping you through, like a coach or parent?

I played the best that I could in most of my events. Yes, sometimes I have an off day, but I never really stress about the result. I think that when there is pressure on me, it pushes me to play and helps me to focus on my game. My coach Stefano, who is also my dad, has always been my biggest supporter and always pushes me to do my best.

5. Wow! Nina, what is your method to prepare for great competitions with all these events including the Australian Junior National coming up?

My method is to never overthink it and to try and distract myself from bocce when I am not at training, so I do not get worked up about it. I know that with some people the stress and anxiety that comes with competition can be overwhelming but for me it just shows me that I really do care about the sport, and it helps me to not get distracted when I am in a game. I also try not to get discouraged when I play bad because I do not want to put pressure on myself and then be too overwhelmed that I do not play well.

Bocce Australia congratulates Nina on her impeccable bocce career so far and cannot wait to see what she will be up to in the new year and years to come! Stay tuned for next month’s junior bocce article, as we will cover the entire National Junior Bocce Championships weekend.

Thanks to Nina Chiandotto, junior bocce player, Bocce Australia.

Interview and write-up by Samuel Pevere, social media co-ordinator, Bocce Australia.