Junior Bocce-roos success at 14th Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge in Monaco

Junior Bocce-roos success at 14th Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge in Monaco

Junior Bocce-roos success at 14th Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge
Michael Pevere (pictured) secured third place at 14th Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge.

MONACO – The 14th Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge, hosted by the Club Bouliste du Rocher, was a thrilling showcase of bocce talent from around the world.

Taking place from October 20 to October 22, 2023, the tournament featured remarkable performances and world-class achievements.

Global representation and exceptional performances

The tournament included three major events: doubles, precision throw, and rapid doubles throw, with four distinct categories: U15, U18, U23, and women.

Participants from five continents converged in Monaco, creating a true celebration of bocce sportsmanship.

Team Australia’s Junior Bocce-roos brought a strong contingent of over 20 athletes, coaches, and supporters, and competed fiercely in all four categories. Their performance against some of the world’s most elite Bocce teams was truly awe-inspiring, and their dedication and determination were evident in every match.

One standout moment that captured the hearts of spectators was Michael Pevere’s exceptional achievement. Michael exhibited extraordinary skill and determination, securing a well-deserved third place in the fiercely competitive Under 18 Precision Throw category, significantly improving upon last year’s fifth place. This remarkable accomplishment serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts of our young athletes.

Celebrating excellence

We are immensely proud of Michael Pevere and the entire Junior Bocce-roos team. Their success not only reflects their individual talents but also underscores the bright future of Bocce in Australia. They have set a high standard for themselves and, in doing so, have inspired us all to strive for greatness in our beloved sport.

Winners and world records

France emerged as the champion of the 14th Denis Ravera International Challenge, securing victory in six out of the twelve final matches. Croatia celebrated five victories in the finals, while Turkey achieved one win, showcasing the global appeal of this sport.

A truly historic moment unfolded during the qualification phase on October 21, 2023, when Annaelle Barazzutti and Ophélie Armanet, representing France, broke the U23 women’s world record in rapid throw doubles relay. Their extraordinary performance, amassing an impressive 49 hits, set a new world record for women’s bocce.

Results of key matches:

Double event results

Women: France defeated Turkey with a score of 9-3

U15: Croatia triumphed over Slovenia with a score of 9-3

U18: Croatia narrowly defeated France with a score of 7-6

U23: France secured victory against Croatia with a score of 7-6

Precision Throw results

Women: Turkey secured the first position with a score of 20, followed by Italy with 11 and France with 6, and Switzerland with 3 points.

U15: France led with 28 points, followed by Croatia with 13, Switzerland with 7, and Slovakia with 0.

U18: France took the top spot with 11 points, Croatia with 8, Australia with 2, and the USA with 1.

U23: Croatia secured the first place with 18 points, followed by France with 16, and Monaco with 11, and Monaco with 6 points.

Double-Rapid Relay Throw results

Women: France outperformed France with a final score of 47/56 to 45/55.

U15: Croatia bested Slovenia with a score of 37/47 to 30/45.

U18: France defeated Croatia with a score of 50/56 to 43/54.

U23: Croatia emerged victorious against France with a score of 47/58 to 47/61, with 9 hits to 8 in the tiebreaker.

Gratitude to Club Bouliste du Rocher

Bocce Australia extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Club Bouliste du Rocher, Monaco, for their unwavering support of Australian athletes and the warm hospitality they consistently provide. The success of Team Australia and the entire bocce community in Australia is, in part, a result of the support and opportunities that the Club Bouliste du Rocher has offered to our athletes.

The 14th Denis Ravera International Bocce Challenge was a showcase of exceptional bocce talent and sportsmanship. The Club Bouliste du Rocher, Monaco, and all the participating teams and individuals have contributed to making this event a resounding success. The event not only showcased the talents of bocce players but also promotes the spirit of unity and goodwill that bocce represents.


Written by Frank Funari.