Kyabram Bocce Club to host Australian Bocce Raffa Open Championships 2023

Kyabram Bocce Club to host Australian Bocce Raffa Open Championships 2023

Kyabram Bocce Club to host Australian Bocce Raffa Open Championships

We are thrilled to announce that the Kyabram Bocce Club will host the 2023 Australian Bocce Raffa Open Championships on the weekend of July 29 – 30.

This prestigious event will bring together Australia’s best Bocce-Raffa players, showcasing their skills and competing for the title of Australian Champion.

Bocce-Raffa is a variant of bocce played with coloured bowls, adding a vibrant touch to the courts. The Kyabram Bocce Club, located in the beautiful town of Kyabram in north central Victoria, has made remarkable efforts to convert their bocce courts to Bocce-Raffa and establish a regular competition within their community. It is a testament to their dedication and success that they have been chosen to host this national championship.

We believe that Kyabram is the perfect choice for this year’s Bocce Australia Raffa Open Championship. By showcasing the efforts and commitment of the Kyabram Bocce Club, we also provide an opportunity for the broader bocce community to experience the excitement of Bocce-Raffa.

The championship, scheduled for July 29 – 30, will feature Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles competitions. Players from Sydney, Melbourne, regional NSW, and Victoria will converge in Kyabram, competing not only for the prize money but also for the Australian title and the chance to qualify for the next international championships.

Antonio (Tony) Biancacci, Secretary General of the CBI (Raffa World governing body) and Vice-President of Bocce Australia, expressed his excitement, stating: “It is a great coup for the Kyabram bocce community to have their first National event hosted at the Club and for it to be the Bocce-Raffa Open”.

We encourage everyone to come and witness the thrilling matches, cheer on the players, and experience the unique atmosphere of the Kyabram Bocce Club. Let us celebrate the growth and diversity of our sport as we gather for this exciting championship.

Mark your calendars for July 29 – 30 and join us in Kyabram for an unforgettable bocce experience.