Lucas Mikolic: A dynamite player, heading for the big leagues

Lucas Mikolic: A dynamite player, heading for the big leagues

Lucas Mikolic: A dynamite player, heading for the big leagues

In the dynamic and competitive world of bocce, young talents are emerging, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts, and reshaping the future of the sport in Australia.

Bocce Australia, recognising the importance of nurturing and celebrating these young talents, has initiated a monthly feature highlighting the journey of our junior players.

This month, we turn the spotlight on an extraordinary young athlete who is making waves both nationally and internationally: Lucas Mikolic.

We asked Lucas some questions about himself and how he continuously shows Australia and the world, the game of bocce.

Lucas Mikolic: A dynamite player, heading for the big leagues

1. Lucas, how do you feel about your experience with the French coaching and playing team?

I enjoyed the French coaching and playing team as it was a good opportunity to see where I need to get to if I want to contend internationally when I’m older at world championships. I also enjoyed it as it helped me to develop a better technique in the rapid throw.

2. After a busy week with the French team, and then the AOSBC, how was it playing at a Friendship Trophy event versing Japan?

I enjoyed doing the progressive throw in the Friendship Trophy as it was a chance to practise the techniques I learnt from the French team, and an opportunity to team up with a great player, Daniel Samsa.

3. How long have you been participating in bocce, and what major events have you participated in?

I have been participating in bocce for five to six years. In Victoria, I’ve participated in many inter clubs and the State Super League, but by far the biggest event I have participated in is the Dennis Revera Challenge in Monaco last year.

4. How well do you think you performed at the events, and was there anyone helping you through, like a coach or parent?

In Monaco I think I played well but not perfect. We came third in the doubles. I was the pointer and of course I threw the odd ball. Coach Angelo Parisi and my dad Dino Mikolic were there guiding me through it all.

5. Wow! Lucas, what is your method to prepare for great competitions with all these events including the Australian Junior National coming up?

Leading up to big tournaments I like to train two to three times a week. First is on a Tuesday at the Veneto club with all juniors. Then, on a Wednesday, I train with my dad, Angelo Parsi and Tony Palermo – we generally play doubles or on the odd occasion with other players we play triples. On the third training session, generally on a Friday, I will have a game of bowl throw with my dad.

Bocce Australia congratulates Lucas on his impeccable bocce career so far and cannot wait to see what he will be up to in the new year and years to come.

Stay tuned for next month’s feature, as we continue to showcase the talented juniors who are shaping the future of bocce in Australia.

Thanks to Lucas Mikolic, junior bocce player, Bocce Australia.

Interview and write-up by Samuel Pevere, social media co-ordinator, Bocce Australia.