Michael Pevere: Behind the surname; an exclusive interview with my brother

Michael Pevere: Behind the surname; an exclusive interview with my brother

Michael Pevere

In the dynamic and competitive world of bocce, young talents are emerging, captivating the hearts of enthusiasts, and reshaping the future of the sport in Australia.

Bocce Australia, recognising the importance of nurturing and celebrating these young talents, has initiated a monthly feature highlighting the journey of our junior players.

This month, we turn the spotlight on an extraordinary young athlete who is making waves both nationally and internationally: Michael Pevere.

We asked Michael some questions about himself and how he continuously shows Australia, and the world, the game of bocce.

1. Michael, how do you feel about your experience with the French coaching and playing team?

After having private training sessions with the French, I have started to implement my new learning into my games and training. I feel confident with the new tips my coaches gave me for my style when I am in training and on the court.

When I was playing Fredric and Pauline, I felt that my performance could have been improved, however, I appreciate the opportunities to play the French with my Aussie teammates.

2. How long have you been participating in bocce, and what major events have you participated in?

I have played bocce since I was eight and started my elite journey two years ago when I was selected to represent at the Denis Ravera International Challenge and World Junior Championships.

I have been competing at the Australian Junior Nationals since 2017, achieving the youngest player to place first in singles and still hold that title, and last year I experienced the senior nationals at Marconi, making it to the quarter finals in Bowl Throw.

3. How well did you think you performed at the events, and was there anyone helping you through, like a coach or parent?

Since my first event, I have had my dad by my side, with other bocce players and community supporting me.

After going to Monaco in 2022, I have had many coaches improve my game and support me and my adventures. That helped me achieve a top 10 placement at the world junior championships in 2022 at Montbrisson.

Having my siblings and friends watching close and a far has always been a great comfort and support.

4. Wow! Michael, with all these events including Australia Junior National coming up, what is your method to prepare for great competitions?

For big competitions I like to get myself down to the courts and get my hands dirty. I also like to commit to games to deal with pressure and competition. That has been a struggle I have found myself needing to work on for many years.

Other sports help prepare me for the athletic ability this sport needs me to do, like stamina, agility, and concentration.

Bocce Australia congratulates Michael on his impeccable bocce career so far and cannot wait to see what he will be up to in the next year and years to come!

Stay tuned for next month’s feature, as we continue to showcase the talented juniors who are shaping the future of bocce in Australia.

Thanks to Michael Pevere, junior bocce player, Bocce Australia.

Interview and write-up by Samuel Pevere, social media co-ordinator, Bocce Australia.