Melbourne bocce camp

Melbourne bocce camp

Melbourne bocce camp

Club Furlan Melbourne hosted a successful bocce training camp on Saturday, August 19 and Sunday, August 20.

National junior coaches and junior players across Australia came together to play, train and gain vital advice and feedback about bocce.

Melbourne’s weather was cold but that didn’t deter the players and their ability to train hard, bowl and hit many bocce.

The junior players showed their best during games, rapid and precision throwing events. The advice and feedback from national coaches ensures that our junior players heading to Monaco in October are well prepared.

The Saturday night dinner was also a successful evening where all players stayed and watched the Matildas beat France in the quarter finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Lots of loud cheering and celebrations was definitely a great way to make the team bond.

Watching the Matildas do amazing things for sport and having the juniors together was memorable and gave them a great high.

Bring on Monaco!


Article written by Linda Chiandotto, Bocce Australia Junior Development Coordinator.