‘Come N Try’ bocce weekend attracts diverse crowd

‘Come N Try’ bocce weekend attracts diverse crowd

Come N Try bocce

Adelaide was host to the Bocce Australia ‘Come N Try’ weekend run by National Development Officer Vinay Singh with the help from South Australia Bocce.

The weekend program ran from August 19 to August 21, with events taking place at different bocce clubs across South Australia.

“The Come N Try bocce program is usually reserved for school students, but the new program designed by Vinay aims to encourage youngsters and also adults to try their hand and have a go,” said Mirella Mancini of Bocce South Australia.

“This is ideal for those who have always wanted to try a sport and have never had the courage, support, or motivation to do so.

“We have a range of bocce games that will appeal to all ages and who want to sample different activities for free.”

It was an action-packed weekend with sessions at three clubs attracting more than 50 participants from all ages, all genders, and all abilities.

Come N Try bocce session

“Overall, the people who turned up were enthusiastic and were excited to learn more about the sport. At one of the sessions, a local radio station was broadcasting as the participants went through their drills of bowling and throwing the bocce bowls,” said Mr Singh

Andrew Earl, active Raffa player from Mt Gambier Club attended one of the sessions. He liked the Oz Bocce games so much, he said he would introduce the games at his club.

Likewise, Marisa Baldassi, President of Fogolar Furlan Club, was happy to see the Oz Bocce games played by the participants.

“The club will want to conduct such games in November as the club is expecting a group of young (25-30 years) skilled migrants that will be celebrating at their club,” she said.

Clubs interested in promoting a Come N Try bocce event can book with Bocce Australia’s National Development Officer Vinay Singh. Sessions are available for a modest fee to host the Come N Try session at your club. To make a booking, phone 0422 476 554 or email [email protected]