‘Top 10 questions’ with Franco Fava

‘Top 10 questions’ with Franco Fava

Franco Fava
Franco Fava pictured with his winning medals and trophy. Image credit: Kate Withers, Express Newspaper.

1. How and why did you start playing bocce?

I was born and raised in Italy where bocce was played all year round and all my family and friends started playing from a very young age. It was just the culture over there and therefore I continued playing when I moved to Australia as I enjoyed the sport.

2. Which bocce event (singles/doubles/triples/throwing etc) is your favourite to play, and why?

My favourite event would be Singles and I enjoy challenging myself each time (and you can’t blame it on anyone else!). I also enjoy practicing and working on my skills and abilities as I feel you never stop learning and can only continue improving.

3. How many medals have you won at the Nationals?

I haven’t actually won any medals at the Nationals as a player, but as a coach we managed to win a few for regional Victoria over the years.

I also won Silver at the Bocce-Raffa World Championship in India.

4. Which strengths do you believe you have that make you a champion bocce player?

I feel my strengths as an experienced bocce player is being able to read the game. I have the ability to stay focussed and concentrate together with a ‘never give up’ attitude.

5. Why are you so passionate about playing bocce?

I am passionate about playing bocce because it is in my blood! From a very young age until now, it has been a sport/game that I really love and enjoy.

6. What are your major highlights and achievements in bocce in the past?

My achievements would definitely be becoming a national referee and national coach, which has given me the opportunity to represent Australia in championships overseas. Major highlights would be meeting so many wonderful people and making good friends around the world.

7. What do you believe is the greatest challenge most bocce players are facing today?

Apart from the obvious COVID-19 pandemic in recent time, I believe the greatest challenge would be recruiting new members. If we can’t encourage or attract people to our wonderful sport of bocce, it may struggle to continue.

8. Is there a coach or bocce player that you looked up to when you first started playing as a role model, and why?

My role model as a young player was a friend of mine from back home. His name is Giancarlo Pappolini, and he was a great player who won the Italian Raffa Championships in Rome. He went on to coach the sport and is very knowledgeable and a humble person.

9. How do you prepare to compete in the Nationals?

My preparation to compete in the Nationals would be to train two nights a week, set up some practice games with other bocce players, and plan out some strategy sessions.

10. What one word describes you?

I’ve been called a lot of words, haha, but my daughters always describe me as ‘fun’.