World Bocce update: AOSBC, FIB and CBI

World Bocce update: AOSBC, FIB and CBI

Bocce World update

It is my pleasure to report on the recent and future activities of the AOSBC, FIB and CBI.

World Championships: France/Turkey

In the months from October to December, various Asia Oceania nations will compete at both the world junior and senior level.

Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and Nepal will compete against the world’s best teams.

I wish them all the best and hope all teams represent their nation proudly.

World General Assembly

The General Assembly will take place in Mersin on November 3, 2022.

Nineteen delegates from various nations will attend. CBI President, Dr Mutlu Turkmen will table the new CBI Constitution as the meeting chairperson.

Also at the Assembly, Dr Turkmen will finalise the nominations for the World Petanque and Bowls Federation (WPBF) committees: 1. Disciplinary and 2. Medical/Anti-doping.

Recently, Dr Turkmen requested these nominations from Bocce Australia: Mr Frank Funari (nom for Disciplinary) and Mr Vince Di Mauro (nom for Medical/Anti-doping). Their nominations are a testament to the respect and recognition held by the WBPF body towards both gentlemen. Congratulations to both Frank and Vince on their nominations.

Future directions

Our future depends on our leaders, resources and volunteers. Without them, it will be difficult to make inroads into the future.

Our world continues to change day by day and it’s natural for human beings to resist change. Our sport has undergone many changes over the past 50 years and will continue to change. As sporting people we will adapt to these changes as they arise.

The world leaders of Volo , Raffa and Petanque have in the past and today are currently introducing changes to enable ‘One Bocce’ to receive more visibility and recognition it deserves alongside other Olympic sports.

In the future, ultimately our three codes will in some way become more united and syncronised into a sport that will propel itself to Olympic status.

Watch this space!

Antonio (Tony) Biancacci
Vice-President BA, FIB /
President AOSBC (Volo ) &
Vice-President AOSBC (Raffa)