Bocce around the states: February 2024 update

Bocce around the states: February 2024 update

Mastering Bocce Refereeing

Victoria update

Mastering bocce refereeing: A resounding success in Melbourne

On Saturday, February 10, Bocce Australia ran its first referee course in Melbourne in more than 10 years.

The event took place at the Furlan Club in Thornbury. Officiating and running the course were Joe Maselli and Vanessa Allegretto, both state and national referees for Bocce Australia and international referees for FIB.

The day started not too early and had 12 participants ranging in experience from novice, intermediate/current and revising. We were very pleased to see an increase of female participation and interest where we had women just in the group.

The clubs who participated were Casa D’Abruzzo, Freccia Azzurra, Knox and Veneto. The day looked over rules, regulation and situations that affect bocce’s two skills of bowling and throwing.

The course was split into two sections. In the morning the participants worked through an online presentation answering questions about certain situations that can occur in a game of bocce, sizing of bocce for different categories, bocce court dimensions and event simple questions of who plays next if both players ball a dead ball!

During the PowerPoint presentation there was some great discussion between all the participants, everybody was really involved. After lunch, Joe and Vanessa took the participants out onto the courts for some hands-on situations such as setting up progressive mats, what to do in certain situations when you are called, and answering questions from the participants.

Being on court also allowed for situations that caused lots of discussion to be seen on the court. Joe and Vanessa were very impressed with the participation of all those present and are looking forward to many more referee courses to take place not only in Victoria but around Australia.

Celebrating the triumph: Ghosts of Bocce Past – Legends Revival Competition

On Saturday, February 3, history was made in the annals of Australian bocce. The inaugural Ghosts of Bocce Past – Legends Revival Competition took centre stage, and what a spectacular show it was!

Despite the blistering mid-30s dry Melbourne heat, the passion for the sport brought together a myriad of past, present, and future players in a display of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

This groundbreaking event, the first of its kind nationwide, garnered an astounding response from teams and spectators alike. With 23 teams enthusiastically entering the competition, it was evident that the allure of nostalgia and the spirit of competition had struck a chord within the bocce community. Players, whether seasoned veterans or newcomers, joined forces to partake in this thrilling new endeavour, underscoring the inclusive nature of the sport.

A heartfelt thank you is owed to the Bocce Federation of Victoria for spearheading this remarkable initiative and breathing life into the cherished memories of bocce’s past. The tireless efforts of individuals like Adelia Pase, Mary Massena, Joe Maselli, Dianne Penney, and the entire BFV Committee were instrumental in orchestrating this unforgettable event.
Moreover, the generosity of sponsors such as BonFoods, Sooshi Mango, Johnny, Vince & Sam’s Vino, Chemist Warehouse, Furlan Club, BWS Mernda, and Joe’s Quality Meats – Preston Market deserves special recognition. Their unwavering support helped elevate the competition to new heights and enriched the experience for all involved.

A heartfelt round of applause is also due to the dedicated volunteers of the Furlan Club, particularly Mario and his team, whose delectable barbecue spread provided sustenance and warmth amidst the scorching weather.

Ghosts of Bocce Past

In the spirit of friendly rivalry, the competition culminated in a thrilling showdown, with the victors emerging triumphant amidst fierce competition. Congratulations to the winners:

  • 1st place: M. Coviello and F. Rocca – Each received $500 and a bottle of Prosecco, courtesy of Bocce Victoria.
  • 2nd place: T. Coviello and A. Cecchini – Each received $300 and a bottle of Prosecco, courtesy of Bocce Victoria.
  • 3rd place: Mr and Mrs Mardegan – Each received $150 and a bottle of Prosecco, courtesy of Bocce Victoria.
  • 4th place: G. Montuoro and D. Valentino – Each received $100 and a bottle of Prosecco, courtesy of Bocce Victoria.

Furthermore, the success of the event extended beyond the bocce court, with generous donations and proceeds from raffles contributing towards sending the Victorian Team to the Nationals in June — an endeavour that embodies the spirit of unity and collective support within the bocce community.

In a delightful twist, a competition held during the registration period added an extra layer of excitement. The person who registered the most “past players” was awarded a 52 litre esky full of beer, wine and cider. The deserving winner of this competition was none other than the Bocce Federation of Victoria President Laila Favrin. Remarkably, Laila has since donated her prize, valued at $500, back to the BFV committee to raffle in the upcoming trivia night event.

The raffle winners were:

  • 1st prize:  $350 36 Litre roller Esky full of Wine and Small Goods – Winner: P. Pase (FF)
  • 2nd prize: $250 BonFood Hamper – Winner: T. Rizzo (CDA).
  • 3rd prize: $150 Chemist Warehouse Hamper – Winner: Daniel (CDA Member).

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who purchased raffle tickets, contributing to a fantastic $1,500 raised, which will directly support our Victorian team’s journey to the Nationals. Our club winners of the raffle sale challenge goes to Fogolar Furlan for selling the most raffle tickets with Sunshine Italian Club coming second.

As the dust settles on this momentous occasion, we eagerly anticipate the prospect of future iterations of the Ghosts of Bocce Past – Legends Revival Competition. With each passing year, may this event serve as a beacon of camaraderie, nostalgia, and sporting excellence, bringing together enthusiasts old and new to celebrate the timeless beauty of bocce.

Morwell celebrates in style: Italian/Australia Day festival

Morwell and the Italian Australian Sporting Centre came together on January 26, to celebrate a vibrant fusion of Italian and Australian culture, marking a day of joyous festivities and community spirit. The event, which showcased the rich tapestry of both cultures, was a resounding success, drawing locals and visitors alike to revel in the festivities.

One of the highlights of the day was the captivating display of vintage cars – a nod to both nations’ love for classic automobiles. Enthusiasts marvelled at the intricate designs and timeless beauty of these vehicles, adding a touch of nostalgia to the celebration.

The Market Stall offered a delightful array of goods, inviting attendees to explore and indulge in a bit of shopping. From artisan crafts to delectable treats, there was something for everyone to enjoy, perhaps even making a cheeky purchase or two.

As the day unfolded, the air was filled with the melodic tunes of a wonderful band, seamlessly blending Italian classics with Australian hits, setting the perfect soundtrack for the occasion.

Food enthusiasts were treated to a culinary journey, with traditional Australian favourites like chips, meat pies, and sausage rolls complemented by mouth-watering Italian desserts such as cannoli and pizzelle, expertly crafted by the talented Ladies Committee of the Morwell Bocce Club.

For those eager to embrace the spirit of competition, the bocce courts provided an opportunity for a “Come and Try” session, led by the passionate Sonia Fava. Participants of all ages enjoyed friendly games of Bocce Volo and Raffa, fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship within the community.

Congratulations to Morwell and the Italian Australian Sporting Centre for orchestrating such a memorable Italian/Australia Day celebration, uniting people through shared experiences and cultural appreciation. Here’s to many more years of friendship, festivities, and fun-filled gatherings!

New South Wales update

Bienvenu Jean-Yves Peronnet, Pauline Gouilloud and Frederic Marsens.

We welcomed the French coaching team who visited Liverpool Catholic Club Bocce from February 13-14. They completed coaching sessions and played games with our fabulous junior and senior players. Players who experienced their coaching sessions, be it one-on-one or group sessions found them invaluable. We want to congratulate the juniors who rose to the challenge and gave it their best.

It couldn’t have happened without the cooperation of the bocce committee, players, and members for giving their time and courts to host such a wonderful event. We were delighted to have them, and we hope they enjoyed themselves.