Bocce around the states: November 2023 update

Bocce around the states: November 2023 update

Meet Lou Masotti of Across the Waves Bocce Club in Bundaberg, Queensland
Lou Masotti.

Queensland update

Long-serving president of Across the Waves Bocce Club in Bundabery, Queensland steps down

In a significant announcement today, Across the Waves Bocce Club has shared that Lou Masotti, a bocce stalwart, will be stepping down from his role as president after an incredible 53 years of service. This news comes as a notable moment for the club, which has thrived under Lou’s leadership and passion for the sport.

Lou Masotti’s journey at Across the Waves Bocce Club has been nothing short of extraordinary. With numerous accolades to his name, including victories in singles competitions for Queensland and representing Australia, Lou has been a key figure in elevating the club’s reputation both locally and nationally.

Dino Marrone, President Bocce QLD, a close associate, shared insights into Lou Masotti’s contributions, highlighting not only his prowess on the bocce court but also his tireless efforts in supporting the club’s growth. Marrone expressed deep gratitude for Masotti’s unwavering commitment and leadership to the sport of bocce.

While Lou is stepping down from his role as president, it is noteworthy that his dedication to the sport remains undiminished. He will continue to contribute to Across the Waves Bocce Club by actively participating in bocce, ensuring a seamless transition and the continuity of the club’s success.

Frank Funari, president of Bocce Australia, who has worked closely with Lou and is familiar with his achievements, emphasised the impact Masotti has had on the bocce community. Funari said that Lou’s legacy is not just about wins and titles but about fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship within the club and the sport of bocce overall.

Bocce Australia, Bocce Queensland and Across the Waves Bocce Club extends its deepest appreciation to Lou Masotti for his outstanding service and congratulates him on a remarkable 53-year journey. The club looks forward to building upon the foundation laid by Masotti and continuing the legacy of excellence in bocce.

Victoria update

Unveiling unit and skill: The Veneto Club Bocce Slam

Amidst the lush green surrounds of the Veneto Club in Bulleen, Melbourne, the weekend of November 25 – 26 witnessed a spectacular convergence of bocce enthusiasts. Bocce Victoria stood proudly behind this grand event, marking the third consecutive year that the Veneto Club graciously hosted the exhilarating Veneto Club Bocce Slam—an event that has solidified its place as a cornerstone of Bocce in Victoria.

This annual extravaganza is not just about the game; it’s a vibrant celebration of unity and camaraderie, transcending the boundaries of clubs and states. It’s a testament to the sport’s remarkable ability to bring together players from various Victorian clubs, along with enthusiastic participants from Regional Victoria and interstate. The air was charged with excitement as teams from Morwell, NEBA, Cooma, ACT, Redlands QLD, Marconi NSW, Liverpool NSW, and others, poured in to display their mastery on the courts.

Saturday’s lunch presented a delightful surprise — gorgeous little bonboniere for everyone, adorned with beautiful sugared almonds straight from Sicily. Not just that, a fabulous blue jack, a testament to the attention to detail, was sourced and brought back from Italy by Sonya Velo with thanks to Santo Pascuzzi. These intricacies added a touch of authenticity and warmth to an already captivating event.

The Veneto Club Bocce Slam

What sets this event apart is the beautiful fusion of teams — a delightful mix of players from different clubs and states. From “The Sams”, a dynamic duo comprising Daniel Samsa from Marconi, NSW, and Sam Mezio from Veneto Club, VIC, to “Donne Rose Miste”, a captivating alliance between Carmella Ianetta from Freccia Azzurra, VIC, and Maria Carpellotti from Veneto Club, the courts were adorned with creatively named teams, each bringing their unique energy. The men’s doubles witnessed an enthralling amalgamation of talents from QLD, ACT, and VIC in the East Coast Mix teams, adding an exciting twist to the competition.

Beyond the thrill of competition, what truly illuminated the courts was the unmissable spirit of sportsmanship and friendship. Teams forged bonds built on camaraderie and mutual respect, showcasing the enchanting magic of bocce that creates unforgettable moments of unity and shared passion.

Heartfelt recognition is due to the unsung heroes — the volunteers and officials — whose dedication ensured the seamless execution of the event. Emilio Colla, the referee, and Angela Sirianni, the Event Assistant, played pivotal roles in steering the event. However, it’s the dedication and meticulous planning of Sonya Velo, Rick Gatto, and the events management team that deserve a standing ovation. Rick Gatto’s adept direction ensured that amidst a weekend packed with 80 intense games, the schedule flowed effortlessly, adhering to strict timelines.

The generous sponsorship from DeBortoli Wines, Grollo, and CO.AS.IT propelled the event to remarkable heights, underscoring the unwavering support of the community for this beloved sport. But beyond the thrill of competition and the logistics that make it possible, the weekend was a jubilant gathering—a celebration where laughter resonated, conversations flowed, and friendships deepened. It was a testament to the decades of shared passion and love for the sport that continue to bind communities together.

Congratulations are due to every participant who poured their heart and soul into this competition, displaying exceptional skill and unwavering dedication. Your efforts and enthusiasm truly made this event a spectacular success.

Amidst the fervor, let’s also extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners whose exceptional skill and determination shone brightly throughout the competition. Your triumph is a testament to your hard work and commitment to the sport.

The Veneto Club Bocce Slam stands as more than a competition; it’s a joyous celebration of unity, skill, and the enduring spirit of Bocce that captivates hearts and minds, transcending boundaries with every roll of the ball.

Semi Finalists Bronze: C.Tomasi / M. Danelutti (Australian Juniors); A. Pozzer / D. Di Federico (Veneto Club, VIC)

Semi Finalists Bronze: G. Pellegrini / G. Manca (Casa D’Abruzzo, VIC); F. Chioda / T. Centofanti (Veneto Club, VIC)

Finalist Silver: L. Favrin / S. Velo (Veneto Club, VIC); S. Postran / T. Borelli (Freccia Azzurra, VIC)

Winners Gold: D. Penney / M. Maselli  (Morwell, VIC); D. Mikolich / A. Parisi (Sunshine, VIC)

Bocce ghosts

Where the past, present and future meet: Ghost of bocce past brings you Bocce Legends Revival Tournament

In the heart of every bocce player, there exists a passion that transcends time – a love for the game that connects generations and weaves a tapestry of camaraderie. This passion finds its truest expression in the grand spectacle of the Bocce Legends Revival: National Doubles Tournament.

In this vibrant celebration, bocce enthusiasts from all corners of Australia converge, transforming a simple game into a reunion of past and present players, a feast of laughter, drinks, food, and endless fun. This is a day where the sound of clinking drink glasses, smashing of bocce balls, and the laughter of old friends and new echoing across the venue.

Get ready for a bocce extravaganza that’s not just a tournament but a heart warming reunion of bocce players from days gone by and the spirited competitors of today! The Bocce Legends Revival: National Doubles Tournament is not just an event; it’s a celebration of bocce’s rich history and the everlasting sportsmanship and friendships it fosters.

It’s more than a game; it’s a gathering of friends, family, a reunion of bocce legends, and a festivity of the bocce legacy!

What sets the Bocce Legends Revival apart is not just the tournament itself, but the joyful ambiance that pervades the entire event. Laughter becomes the soundtrack of the day, echoing across the courts as players indulge in friendly banter and playful taunts. With each roll of the ball, stories of bocce triumphs and defeats resurface, creating a tapestry of shared experiences.

In this grand reunion, bocce players re-discover a sense of belonging that goes beyond the boundaries of age and experience. Whether you’re a veteran of countless tournaments or a newcomer taking your first roll, the Bocce Legends Revival welcomes you with open arms. It’s not merely a competition; it’s a celebration of the bocce legacy, an ode to the players who came before, and a promise to keep the spirit of the game alive for generations to come.

So, as the next Bocce Legends Revival beckons, remember that it’s more than just a tournament – it’s an invitation to join a family, a community of passionate individuals bound together by the love for a timeless game. Come, roll your way into history, and let the echoes of laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the spirit of bocce be your guiding stars in this unforgettable journey.

Bocce comp flyer

Competition type: This is an ‘open’ competition. Everyone is welcome.

Who can register: Past, present and future players may register. Whilst Federation Membership is not required, Federation Rules do apply.

Entry fee: $30 per person

Registrations by: January 14, 2024

Registration forms should be on your club noticeboard otherwise contact Vanessa Allegretto on 0419 199 310 or Rick Gatto: on 0400 379 292.


Victoria update written by Laila Favrin, President of Bocce Victoria.