Bocce Nationals 2024: WA clubs reign, next-gen stars shine, Special Olympics Bocce dazzle

Bocce Nationals 2024: WA clubs reign, next-gen stars shine, Special Olympics Bocce dazzle

Bocce Nationals 2024

The 2024 National Bocce Championships were nothing short of spectacular, with WA clubs dominating the Club Stream and New South Wales (NSW) emerging as the dominant force in the seniors, winning most gold medals, while in the Special Olympics it was an even spread across all clubs.

Held from June 6 – 10, the championships were sponsored by Sport Australia, WA Government, Lotteries West, City of Stirling, Bendigo Bank, Macron Sportswear, The Corner Butcher, Bonfood, and Pisconeri Fine Foods and Wines.

Competitions took place at three venues: the host club Tuscany Association in WA, along with Laguna Veneto Bocce Club and Azzurri Bocce Club.

“It will be remembered as the start of a new era for bocce sport, as we witnessed the embrace of all inclusivity with winners of all ages, genders, communities, and abilities! The inclusion of the Club Nationals and the appeal of the Special Olympics Bocce has added another dimension to the National Championship,” said Bocce Australia President Frank Funari.

“We have seen an increase in participation numbers at these Nationals, which were on the decline over a decade ago. This year, we had 154 athletes and officials across 54 teams from all corners of Australia. It is a magnificent feat that Bocce Australia is immensely proud to have achieved, especially having to re-boot the sport post COVID.”

WA clubs dominate

The Bocce Nationals 2024 showcased an outstanding performance from Western Australian (WA) clubs, taking full advantage of their home ground knowledge, skill, and strategic play. The home advantage was evident as WA clubs dominated in all categories except for the women’s club, where ATW Bundaberg ladies retained their National Triples titles, winning back-to-back.

Casa D’Abruzzo men’s team also performed admirably, reaching the final of the Fours but falling short against the powerful WA Laguna men’s team, which won 8 points to 3 points. Major clubs Tuscany, Laguna, and Azzurri clinched numerous titles, demonstrating their depth of talent and dedication to the sport.

Bocce Nationals 2024

Club Championship results

Women’s division


  • Silver medal – Laguna Veneto Bocce Club, WA – Rosetta Kuscevic, Assunta del Casale, Ida Tonus, Flora Molinari and  Domenica Condello.
  • Gold medal – Azzurri Bocce Club, WA – Emilia Zambotti, Carolina Quardio, Conni Manni, Kathy Britza and Rosa DellaPrimavera.


  • Silver medal – Azzurri Bocce Club, WA – Emilia Zambotti, Carolina Quadrio, Kathy Britza.
  • Gold medal – ATW Bundaberg, QLD – Cely McClelland, Silvia Rinaldi, Josie Mizzi and Hiromi (May) Henville.


  • Silver medal – ATW Bundaberg, QLD – Cely McClelland, Hiromi (May) Henville.
  • Gold medal – Tuscany Bocce Club, WA – Pina Menna and Angela Napolitano.

Men’s division


  • Silver medal – Casa D’Abruzzo Club, VIC – Fernando Cardinale, Jim Coviello, Aldo Mainelli, Carmen (Charles). Di Petta and Romeo Marino.
  • Gold Medal –  Laguna Veneto Bocce Club – Blazenko Kuscevic, Velimir Matutinovich, Dusan Vukosav, Michele Savino and Angelo Baldassar.


  • Silver medal – Azzurri Bocce Club, WA – Mario Valentini, Mario Vacca, Luciano Battaglia and Americo Valentini.
  • Gold medal – Tuscany Bocce Club, WA – Donato Di Florio, Luigi Paravicini, Carmelo Gioffre.


  • Silver medal – Laguna Veneto Bocce Club, WA – Blazenko Kuscevic and Velimir Matutinovich.
  • Gold medal – Laguna Veneto Bocce Club, WA – Dusan Vukosav and Michelle Savino.

Senior women’s division


  • Silver medal – Nicole Samsa (NSW).
  • Gold medal – Melissa Danelutti (NSW).


  • Silver medal – Chiara Tomasi (Redlands, QLD).
  • Gold medal – Nicole Samsa (NSW).


  • Silver medal – Chiara Tomasi (Redlands, QLD).
  • Gold medal – Nicole Samsa (NSW).


  • Silver medal – Chiara Tomasi (Redlands QLD).
  • Gold medal –  Nicole Samsa (NSW).


  • Silver medal – Vanessa Allegretto and Linda Venditti (VIC).
  • Gold medal –  Lara O’Callaghan and Melissa Danelutti (NSW).

Senior men’s division


  • Silver medal – Stefano Chiandotto (NSW).
  • Gold medal – Michael Pevere (ACT/Cooma).


  • Silver medal – Tommy Campbell (Gippsland, VIC).
  • Gold medal – Corentin (Coco) Julien (WA).


  • Silver medal – Stefano Chiandotto (NSW).
  • Gold medal – Tony Borrelli (NEBA, VIC).


  • Silver medal – Rocco Palladino (VIC).
  • Gold medal – Tony Borrelli (NEBA, VIC).


  • Silver medal – Milan Matutinovich and Corentin Julien (WA).
  • Gold medal – Franco Fava and Tommy Campbell (VIC).


  • Silver medal – Stefano Chiandotto and Lara O’Callaghan.
  • Gold medal – Michael Pevere and Melissa Danelutti.


  • WOMEN – Vanesa Allegretto (VIC Metro) and Melissa Danelutti (NSW).

(equal points and equal on count back )

  • MEN – Don Di Frederico (VIC).
Bocce Nationals 2024

Brilliance of Special Olympics

The inclusion and success of Special Olympics athletes added a unique and inspiring dimension to the Bocce Nationals 2024. These athletes demonstrated extraordinary skill, determination and sportsmanship, earning admiration and respect from all spectators.

Their participation underscored the inclusive nature of the sport and highlighted the positive impact of bocce in promoting physical activity and community among people with intellectual disabilities.

The brilliance of Special Olympics athletes served as a reminder of the unifying power of sports and the importance of providing opportunities for all individuals to shine.

Special Olympics Bocce results:

Gold medallists:

Men’s Singles:

  • Div 1: NSW Macarthur – Guy Laurenceson.
  • Div 2: NSW Sydney West – Ji Hwan Butler.
  • Div 3: VIC Melb Eastern Ranges – Bradley Parratt.
  • Div 4: WA Perth Metro – Jordan Hill.

Women’s Singles:

  • Div 1: QLD Redlands – Annabel Feely.
  • Div 2: WA Perth Metro – Sophie Cottier.
  • Div 3: WA Perth Metro – Sara Cann.


  • Div 1: Emma Nelson and Holly Levers NSW Macarthur.
  • Div 2: Trent Brewer and Michael Wheatley NSW Hunter Valley.
  • Div 3: Taylor Sullivan and Chris Schreiber VIC Melb Eastern Ranges.
  • Div 4: Jordan Hill and Leon Brien WA Perth Metro.


  • Div 1: NSW Macarthur
  • Div 2: VIC Melb. Eastern Ranges
Bocce Nationals 2024

All in all, the Bocce Nationals 2024 was a remarkable event, marked by the dominance of WA clubs, the rise of a promising new generation of players, and the inspiring performances of Special Olympics athletes.

These elements combined to create a memorable and impactful tournament, reflecting the diverse and inclusive spirit of bocce. As the sport continues to grow and evolve, these moments will be remembered as defining contributions to its rich history.

A special thanks to the many volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Special mention goes to Mary and Colin Greig, who coordinated the Special Olympics Bocce stream, likewise to  Sonia Fava, Mary Messena, and Tony Biancacci, who managed the club and senior streams. Nicola Tutt and Erminio Armenti from Bocce WA, Kerry Peterkin, and Italo Vigolo were instrumental in coordinating the Special Olympics event.

Additionally, gratitude is extended to the referees, with a special shout out to chief referee Joe Maselli and his constant assistant Carlo Venuti, to all the court preparers, catering staff, and the presidents of the Tuscany and Laguna clubs for their hospitality and efforts in making the championships a success.

We also extend our thanks to special guests, including Special Olympics Australia CEO Pierre Comis, WA State Coordinator Bailey Kentish, Hannah Brown and Rosemary Hartley of Special Olympics Western Australia, Frank Paolino from Mount Lawley, Minister of Sport David Templeman MLA, the Mayor of City of Stirling Mark A Irwin and councillors for their support.

Finally, a big thank you to the athletes, whose participation made these championships possible. We look forward to next year’s event in Melbourne!

Bocce sport – the sport for all abilities!

Written by Frank Funari.