Monaco 2023: Junior team and coaching staff announced

Monaco 2023: Junior team and coaching staff announced

Monaco 2023: Coaching staff and junior team announced

Junior Bocce team announced: Young stars set to compete on the global stage

The excitement is palpable as Bocce Australia proudly announces the selection of its highly talented Australian Junior Bocce team.

Comprising a group of exceptional young athletes, this team is ready to represent our nation at the upcoming International Denis Ravera Bocce Challenge, Monaco.

Handpicked from a pool of aspiring players, these talented individuals have shown exceptional skills, dedication, and sportsmanship throughout their training and selection process.

Bocce Australia believes that this team possesses the potential to make a significant impact on the global stage of bocce and for the future growth of the sport here in Australia.

The selected athletes, listed in competition category order, are:

Under 15 Player/s
Doubles Nina Chiandotto Chiara Tomasi
Rapid Relay Nina Chiandotto Chiara Tomasi
Precision TBC Nina Chiandotto

Under 18 Player/s
Doubles Michael Pevere Lucas Mikolic
Rapid Relay Michael Pevere Lucas Mikolic
Precision Michael Pevere

Under 23 Player/s
Doubles Aaron O’Callaghan Max Tricarico
Rapid Relay Aaron O’Callaghan Max Tricarico
Precision TBC

Female Open Player/s
Doubles Kayla Dukes, Lara O’Callaghan or Melissa Danelutti,
Rapid Relay Melissa Danelutti Lara O’Callaghan
Precision TBC Melissa Danelutti Lara O’Callaghan
Note: TBC – To be confirmed.

They have tirelessly trained under the guidance of experienced coaches and mentors to refine their skills and enhance their strategic understanding of the game.

Bocce Australia expresses its gratitude to the coaches, mentors, families, and support staff who have played a pivotal role in preparing these young stars for this remarkable opportunity.

The team’s success is a testament to their collective efforts and expertise.

The selected athletes will now embark on a rigorous training program, focusing on further refining their abilities, teamwork, and mental preparation.

We encourage State and Club Affiliates to encourage and give them the opportunity to compete in local tournaments to gain valuable experience and sharpen their competitive edge.

Bocce Australia would also like to extend its appreciation to the bocce community and sponsors who have generously supported the development of these aspiring athletes.

The recent Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico fund raiser at Morwell was a great success in raising valuable funds to support these young athletes. Thanks to all those that supported the event.

We ask all Bocce affiliates to help these young athletes and the bocce program in their fund-raising efforts and to do the same or similar in their State or Club in support of these junior athletes.

Such contributions have been instrumental in nurturing young talent and ensuring the success of our junior bocce program.

As the team prepares to represent our nation, they carry with them the hopes and aspirations of their families, friends, and the entire bocce community.

Bocce Australia wishes them the best of luck in their upcoming endeavours, confident in their ability to make us all proud.

Bocce Australia announces coaching staff for Monaco 2023

Bocce Australia is pleased to announce the official selection of the coaching staff for the Australian team participating in the highly anticipated Monaco 2023 event.

After an extensive evaluation process, a team of exceptional coaches has been chosen to guide and support the Australian junior team during this prestigious international competition.

The coaching staff for Monaco 2023 includes:

  • Head Coach: Stefano Chiandotto (Australian Junior Coach)
  • Coach: Angelo Parisi (Victorian Junior Coach)
  • Coach: David Pevere (ACT/Cooma Coach)
  • Assistant Coach: Linda Chiandotto (Bocce Australia Juniors Co-ordinator)
  • Delegate: Sonia Fava (Bocce Australia Sports Development Director)

These highly skilled and dedicated individuals bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their respective roles.

Bocce Australia expresses full confidence in the selected coaching staff and believes that their contribution will significantly enhance the performance of the Australian junior team in Monaco 2023.

Bocce Australia would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to each of the coaches on their appointment and wishes them great success in this endeavour.